'My Titile is Politically Correct, But I Am Not'

A cover of the ‘The rain and sun interlude’ By Big Pun and Dead Prez, i wrote and added more lyrics to it though, just to fill it out a little more

i like this, its my mate, he usually raps but this is MUCH better.  if you drop past let him know i sent ya

Bonus - The end (capital Steez tribute) (by MrBadavidson9)

Bonus - Giant (by MrBadavidson9)

Bonus - I wish (spoken word) (by MrBadavidson9)

Bonus - Trippin (by MrBadavidson9)

random verses, giant is a track i may use in the ‘studio’ but would probably use new lyrics

this is for an audio battle on the don’t flop forum, have a second one replying to his verse, 

not the best but not bad,

the ‘I like p, its the g, do you know what i mean’ - good times

big up the tog dawg crew halfway through

random freestyle, trill shit lol

this is what happens when you smoke too much weed and don’t get enough sleep

another real freestyle, just trying to get my skills up

Kendrick Lamar - swimming pools

just re hashing an older verse, forgot half the lyrics so check the original