'My Titile is Politically Correct, But I Am Not'

Sinéad O’Connor - Nothing Compares 2U (by emimusic)

i’m having a day dedicated to my youth so the classics are everywhere, 

Kanye West = so appalled 

just an old verse getting re hashed, forgetting half the lyrics so check the original for full tunage

just blast through most of it, probably better than my original

more fun version

had to get this off my chest, different from usual cause its acoustic, might do a better version at some point

just gonna post a few random verses that i had stacked

seen another song from the bat gentleman film and reminded me of this

new kendrick, not bad. better than his recent features, hopefully a few less glossy tracks on madd city though


so, i’m new to rapping, been a head for most of my life but only really decided to pick up the mic recently. 

cheers for the support shown from all those who don’t follow the crowd.

i seem to have a few followers from the collective elephants in the room,

when the group first began to follow i actually wrote a verse for ya’s but never recorded it, i actually wrote a new tune to the same beat later on so i never reverted back but if you are interested to hear it drop me a line, its over tribes pad and pen

either way, since both i and elephant in the room have similar perspectives and musical tastes i was wondering, 

can i be an unofficial or official member representing elephant in the room over here in Scotland UK?

don’t get if you don’t ask


first time i’ve done my own chorus, how is it?