'My Titile is Politically Correct, But I Am Not'

not the best but not bad,

the ‘I like p, its the g, do you know what i mean’ - good times

big up the tog dawg crew halfway through

Kendrick Lamar - swimming pools

just re hashing an older verse, forgot half the lyrics so check the original

Kanye West = so appalled 

just an old verse getting re hashed, forgetting half the lyrics so check the original for full tunage

just a little verse 

ecent new kendrick

i like my chorus, not a bad effort,get in to it in the middle and mess up the end but not a bad effort

new kendrick, not bad. better than his recent features, hopefully a few less glossy tracks on madd city though

random instrumental, i rape it

i was here, far too good. i was BOUNCING

return of the mack? really? cheesy as f~#K sample but kendricks 16 is nice