'My Titile is Politically Correct, But I Am Not'

new kendrick, a bit of a cheesy singer but gotta blog just for kendrick

no idea where this came from but thought i’d share

always happy with a new song but am i the only one who can see dre’s creative delay is based upon him having someone to write his lyrics? 2001 - eminem wrote almost all of it, hittman doing a few. Kush was terrible song and so outdated so the album got stalled. the west is SO lucky to have kendrick

kendrick lamar - the recipe - NEW SINGLE - monday morning
enough said

kendrick lamar on fame

new kendrick, wonder if this was one of the tracks he’s worked with pharrell on or if this is a pharrell track he’s jumped on. only times will tell

first time performing it nice, 26th june, the countdown has begun

i’ve seen yelawolf and k’naan on mainstream tv this week, i’ve been following both for over 2 years and if people don’t know kendricks name after this i’m a fucking unicorn

oh the stress....
was running late this morning so got home at quarter past 9 to pre book kendrick tickets, when i went online it was claiming there was none available. GUTTED, was actually P.O so fed the baby and we had a cat nap, when i woke up i tried my luck again, 3 KENDRICK LAMAR TICKETS, so all i gotta do is get down to london from aberdeen{900 miles} also, i gotta get back the day after for my fiance's birthday but i know where my priorities are ;}