'My Titile is Politically Correct, But I Am Not'

Mac Miller - I Am Who Am (Killin’ Time) [Ft. Niki Randa] (by TreeJTV)

Bishop Nehru - Mobb Dizzle (by TheSuburbanShoguns)



Hodgy Beats Untitled 2 is now available for download at oddfuture.com



Rejjie Snow X Sun Patzer - 294 (by Rejjie Snow)

Katori Walker - After Hours (Official Video) (by Katori Walker)

i’m going on holiday in less than 24 hours,little treat for you’s before i go, i’ve blogged this on my other blog but nice chill track for the night before. been recording so gonna pop a few up when i’m back so good inspiration (though i’ve got no aspirations to make it, just to be heard)

A cover of the ‘The rain and sun interlude’ By Big Pun and Dead Prez, i wrote and added more lyrics to it though, just to fill it out a little more

i like this, its my mate, he usually raps but this is MUCH better.  if you drop past let him know i sent ya


Mac Miller - S.D.S. (Produced By Flying Lotus) (by TreeJTV)

best hip hop blog ever„,oh ye its mine

Bonus - Giant verse 2 (produced by paralysis) (by MrBadavidson9)

Bonus - The end (capital Steez tribute) (by MrBadavidson9)

Bonus - Giant (by MrBadavidson9)