'My Titile is Politically Correct, But I Am Not'

was for a comp but will need a new one so this is an open challenge, want to be rounded so send a verse back if ya want and we can have a tumblr battle

not the best but not bad,

the ‘I like p, its the g, do you know what i mean’ - good times

big up the tog dawg crew halfway through

random freestyle, trill shit lol

this is what happens when you smoke too much weed and don’t get enough sleep

another real freestyle, just trying to get my skills up

A Tribe Called Quest - pan and pen instrumental

this is a old verse, just re hashing it, can’t remember half the lyrics though!

just another attempt at a freestyle, gets better around 30 secs then i’m up and down, i think i’m more poignant with what i don’t say sometimes. couple of words missed that hold alot of depth, to me anyway. enjoy

just a little verse 

first actual freestyle i’ve put up. just started so its a learning curve, need to rap louder etc etc but good for first effort i thought

just blast through most of it, probably better than my original