'My Titile is Politically Correct, But I Am Not'

had to vent against his bullshit, if ya want to be a star go sign up to dontflop forum and vote for me vs jonty, the bastard

another real freestyle, just trying to get my skills up

just another attempt at a freestyle, gets better around 30 secs then i’m up and down, i think i’m more poignant with what i don’t say sometimes. couple of words missed that hold alot of depth, to me anyway. enjoy

first actual freestyle i’ve put up. just started so its a learning curve, need to rap louder etc etc but good for first effort i thought

about beef i had with some dude this week

this was difficult as fuck to spit, i wasn’t too chuffed with it but a good message


so, i’m new to rapping, been a head for most of my life but only really decided to pick up the mic recently. 

cheers for the support shown from all those who don’t follow the crowd.

i seem to have a few followers from the collective elephants in the room,

when the group first began to follow i actually wrote a verse for ya’s but never recorded it, i actually wrote a new tune to the same beat later on so i never reverted back but if you are interested to hear it drop me a line, its over tribes pad and pen

either way, since both i and elephant in the room have similar perspectives and musical tastes i was wondering, 

can i be an unofficial or official member representing elephant in the room over here in Scotland UK?

don’t get if you don’t ask


first time i’ve done my own chorus, how is it?

a second verse on top of the original, get it out better as well

waves- joey badass

third verse is the best, such a good song i had to give it a go.

beat is thievery corporations lebonese blonde